Libby founded Konstellation in 2013, as a means of exploring the intersection of song and chamber music. Drawing together her expertise in song and in working with instrumentalists, Libby constructs programmes where the sung and instrumental soundworlds constrast and complement, and brings in the creme of her colleagues to perform them. Truly a musical Konstellation!

Whilst Schubert’s Shepherd on the Rock or Brahms’ Songs for Alto and Viola are staples of the repertoire, much-loved and for good reason, there are many hidden gems of songs requiring instruments in addition to the piano. Konstellation explores these, bringing to light some unfairly neglected treasures, and giving them context through the songs and chamber music programmed around them. Other programmes uncover differing sides to composers’ compositional personalities in their vocal or instrumental writing, whilst some programmes take a theme and delve into it both textually and musically.

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